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Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

The following preface was written by Charlie for Maharishi's book, Meditations of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi - A key to understanding Transcendental Meditation - in the famous prophet's own words.

It was published by Bantam Books in May 1968.


On a warm and dusty afternoon, high in the Sequoia National Forest, Maharishi sat at the foot of one of nature's largest trees, surrounded by a handful of people. These were the devotees who had gathered to hear the plans unfold - of how Maharishi was to bring his message of Transcendental Meditation to a world groping in darkness that had long yearned for such a message.

The question in everyone's mind that day was - how could one lone Saint, no matter how greatly endowed or ever so dedicated to his insuperable task, accomplish such an impossible dream?

As he spoke, he outlined how, in every major city in every country in the Free World, he would establish a center of meditation. How he would initiate the untold thousands that would come to practice and to enjoy the benefit of Transcendental Meditation. He spoke quietly of how he would build a large Academy of Meditation on the banks of the Sacred Ganges in the foothills of the Himalayas. There each year he would train teachers in his system of Trancendental Mediation that they may go out into all parts of the world and spread his teaching. He told how he would travel around and around the world for nine years, speaking and teaching the wisdom of the "Twentieth Century" to all those who gathered to hear and to accept his ancient wisdom, now being brought to light in a modern world.

The shadows grew long and his plans for the regeneration of the whole world drew to a close. To many of those gathered there that late summer afternoon, this was truly an impossible plan. I, for one, that day was captivated by this dream and over the years I have travelled at Maharishi's side to help him carry this message of "the Kingdom of Heaven that lies within" to many far distant lands. I have seen this dream grow to a reality and I have heard the expression of the heartfelt joy of the multitudes who have so greatly benefited from just such a wisdom given by One so Great. That dream of years ago is now rapidly being fulfilled and the shadow from a giant tree has now covered the earth and still that dream grows.

Charles F. Lutes
World Governor
International Spiritual
Regeneration Movement

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