Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"When one becomes an initiate one then steps on the path of liberation."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

From Physical to Spiritual

Every human is born with a certain allotment of energy. Much of this depends upon how one took care of their body in their past life. One who punished their body has less energy the next lifetime and one who took care of their body has much more energy during their next life; cause and effect. Also a person who is born may be very physical or may not be so as this is according to where one is in evolution. What is important is that one improves oneself as much as possible during every lifetime. When one becomes an initiate one steps on the path of liberation. Then as one meditates they begin to infuse the Being into their mind and body. As this occurs this has a permanent effect on the body; one becomes less physical.

Initially, when one begins to practice Transcendental Meditation one infuses more energy and thereby feels to be more physical. But, as one continues to meditate and infuses more of the Being one becomes less physical, more spiritual. One's power and bliss increase, yet at the same time the old physical drive fades; one no longer has the physical endurance they used to have. They start the day in an energetic way, yet they fade fast. This is a normal condition for an initiate and this is why one should not force their activity; one should take it easy and no longer try to maintain their old physical way of life for now one has changed; one has moved into a different stratum of life. One's physical power erodes and the strength changes from the physical to the heart and the mind. This is a radical change that takes place in the nervous system.

During this time great energy is utilized in creating a change in the vibratory rate in the nervous system which is called purification of the body. Ultimately, the nervous system must vibrate at a cosmic rate. However, down through the ages the nervous system has become impinged by all of the vicissitudes and traumas incurred in each lifetime. In some cases there is quite an accumulation of stress in the nervous system which starts to be removed by the tremendous vibration that is set up through the mantra and the meditation reacting against the blockages in the nervous system. Sometimes this can be quite painful due to the rigidity in the nervous system that is resisting all efforts to free the nervous system of the blockages.

This is why one must go slowly and not try to force the removal of the blockages. If this is more painful than one can stand, the removal must be done in slow stages. There can be no free vibrating nervous system until all blockages are removed and this is something that may take a long time to accomplish, yet it is something that has to be accomplished if one is to gain a cosmic status, and this status is the reason and goal of human life.

The worldly things that have always been so attractive no longer attract one's attention. One who used to by faith believe in God realizes that they are now experiencing God, and that the Being is always with them. They no longer feel lonely and they no longer feel separated, for now they are never alone and they are always connected. Now they are the self in the Self. They are in this world, yet they are no longer of this world. For when the Being is active in all states of consciousness the “line on water” analogy comes into focus; nothing makes a deep impression in the mind. This is the true state of “out of sight, out of mind.” Nevertheless, one is never disconnected from God or Self. One now truly sees the world as maya; as reality when you are in it and as maya when you are no longer in it.

One becomes selfless with a pure motivation of love to help humanity where it is possible to help. This means to help when asked to help without casting judgment, but serving only in the light and love of God. Judgment is always passed on others by the lower self. But when one operates through the higher mind, judgment is never rendered. One only seeks to perform service with pure motivations of being in God’s service to help humanity and not to hurt or hinder anyone. This is the qualification of those who will be the new citizens who will lead the world into the spiritual new age.

Humanity will change radically because under the condition set forth by the hierarchy for the age of Heaven on Earth there are no electives proffered, only that humanity must function in peace and love. In a world of harmony and abundance, where the emphasis is to elevate earthlings to a status of free global relationships, the days of conflict and isolation are coming to a close. The tremendous spiritual energy now being released on earth will not only affect us, it will also equally affect the other bodies in the solar system and beyond into the galaxy. We must now come to age and realize we are new citizens of the cosmos and those who contact us must be received in love and peace.

Truly a new age has been born in all of us and we must rise to meet the new age as sons of God and now exercise these tenets to a new earth for we are the pilgrims of the new age and what we sow must reap harmony on this earth and in the cosmos. The earth will change in many ways and so will we; not in some distant future, but now, for now as spiritually awakened individuals we will march to a new beat and the path is now ever upward and inward.

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