Lectures by
Charlie Lutes:

Lectures by

Charlie Lutes

Charles F. Lutes
Charlie Lutes

"The deliverance of the human from his self-created bondage, the glory of that which is beyond all grasp of thought, the happiness that is the very foundation of our existence, is nearer to us than anything of a physical nature."

                                                                                                           - Charlie Lutes

What is Liberation?

Liberation is a state of freedom where the individual ego is eliminated and the true egoless state or the state of Self is cognized. Liberation is the feeling that exists in all of us, only it is hidden from our view. It is that something that stands behind us and is our real true life. It is called by many names such as the Atman, the Soul, Self, Brahman, God, and so forth, however, it is always one and the same thing.

The question is, if this is our own true and real Self, then why are we not experiencing this at all times? The reason is that our lower self has created limitations which conceal the nature of our true and real existence. When these self-created limitations, which are artificial, are removed, then the Atman is realized. This is called the liberation of the soul.

The soul does not then become something new, it simply remains what it is and where it is and what it has been eternally and it will remain so for eternity. The pure existence, or the Atman, is the first principle of all things and all thoughts. It is ananda, or bliss. The world of senses can neither add to nor take away from this supreme pure bliss.

In the absolute, there is a constant flow of that unbroken state of bliss consciousness, that flow-less flow of consciousness which is immutable, eternal and all-pervading, and untouched by changes of the body, senses and mind-stuff. It is the unity behind the multiplicity. It is that rate of vibration that is so rapid that is seems to be motionless.

It is Self-evident, whose nature is to be its own light. Neither heaven or hell or earth, good or bad, cause and effect, past, present or future, has any place in it. It is that incorporeal principle behind corporeal appearance and it is called the Atman.

Liberation or the absolute has two main aspects: (1) freedom from our mental limitations, conceptions and our prejudices; and (2) enlightenment as to our real and true existence. When the ignorance and the misunderstanding of our true and real Self vanishes, then and then only does the real Self stand in its own true effulgence.

That which is eternal was lowered down in density to where it lost its eternal state and entered a state of bondage. The deliverance of the human from his self-created bondage, the glory of that which is beyond all grasp of thought, the happiness that is the very foundation of our existence, is nearer to us than anything of a physical nature. It is not a heaven to be experienced after death; rather it is the eternal heaven which is ever present here and now, and always.

The absolute or nirvana is not an imagined world or an imaginary existence in which we have to live after we leave here. Rather, it is the real existence of the universe, the cognition of the primordial energy which constitutes all of existence. It is that which transcends our body, mind, senses and consciousness. It is cosmic energy and the cosmic state of consciousness which are our eternal vibrations.

In a freed soul, the liberated and enlightened Atman assumes its original form which is infinite existence and bliss consciousness. Liberation is not the abolition of the self, but rather the cognition of our infinity, the limitlessness and absoluteness that comes through the expansion and illumination of our cognitive consciousness. This is why, when we reach enlightenment, we finally discover that we are the light.

Bliss is the essential nature of the Self; however, it remains concealed by the mind, by sensations, suffering, pain and ignorance. In the absence of misunderstanding and ignorance, the sense of bondage, pain and suffering disappears. Then our true nature, unmixed with the senses and contamination, is manifested as pure bliss.

The realization of liberation, the experience of bliss, the cognition of one's own real Self, is not an objective process by which we are trying to obtain something. It is simply experiencing one's own true Self. Liberation is not about destroying the world, but instead, understanding the world as it really is. It is the knowledge of the Atman that changes the meaning of the world and its plurality.

The world does not change; it is just that the liberated soul's attachment to such a world has at long last ended. The world order and worldly events bring no more trouble to the liberated. One at last realizes the oneness of oneself with God. The world no longer stands as a veil between oneself and God. One has at long last gained liberation, the ultimate achievement, the gaining of divine mind, Brahman.

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